It’s winter, time to plan our future garden to get the best harvest possible!
mad veggies is a puzzle game about interactions between vegetables. Some interactions are inspired from irl gardening, and some are made up to add some challenge ;)

  • Title screen: Click on a button
  • Level selection: Click on ? for tutorials and o for levels.
  • Puzzle: Drag the veggies in the grid and find a solution to make them all happy!
  • Level editor: Type your name, create a level and click on save level. It is possible to load any level to see its solution.

  • yopox: code (CLion 2022.3, Rust, Bevy), graphics (Aseprite), levels
  • jmen_balec: music, sounds effects (Ableton Live)
  • you?: custom levels

Triple click on a code to select it: 

  • @yopox:
    • VCVWVx8F)Z{cqScI+WB
  • vicortie:
    • <SmsWaDt}X#+AMVEkGMbyW9Z!!CKGBSG$YlB?Hn+i*C:.AbA|;EA^DK7qB`D#(P/iCVAB
  • @icalm:
    • mGrRHbGH2B#FWO7L2Z.AdE:CkAlxE"B
  • @maxededo:
    • OuTA{tMo3ZQY,($L1HK",B/IAD:AnzC
  • @sdelay:
    • :d@QoDhz$A8B!mUEU
  • @wouter52:
    • Ah@F8CIuuW/B+>TDnDDzU

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