• Title screen:
    • [c] Classic mode (start with a basic menu)
    • [d] Madness mode (start with a full menu and less time to prepare burgers)
  • Cooking screen:
    • The key associated with each ingredient is shown in the menu on the left of the screen
    • [space] / [enter] Send the order
    • [backspace] Remove placed ingredients
  • Game over screen:
    • [m] / [i] / [a] / [m] Return to title

We have used the following tools:

  • CLion 2022.3 EAP
  • Rust & Bevy engine
  • Aseprite
  • Ableton Live 11

Submission page on the Ludum Dare website

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Tagsbevy, ld51, Ludum Dare 51, rust
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The audio is choppy. Is it intentional?

No :( It can happen in the first few seconds but it should be fine then. Maybe try a different browser?

Simple but it works really well, I had fun :)

merci ;)

Avec plaisir :D