Hello traveler, you have set foot on Toteninsel!

A mystical journey to the unknown awaits you, on a very strange island. Two sacred swords, garded by occult monsters, are concealed somewhere among the strangely calm landscapes. Should you find them, you might still need to overcome Death itself. You might then obtain the right to leave…

To fulfill your destiny, you can do the following actions:


  • Grow / Shrink : Up / Down (after unlocking)
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Attack: C
  • Dash: Double Left / Right (after unlocking)

The team


  • 01/12/23
    • Fix outro (scene not showing, end text disappearing)
    • Fix music (loops / volume)
  • 02/12/23
    • Fix cutscenes (reset game data after the outro, fix text duration, reset player state)
    • Fix music (sfx volume)
    • Fix boss 3 (checkpoint not working, music too late)
    • Fix boss 1 music (intro too long, regular caves music not playing on boss defeat, boss music triggering even if the boss is defeated)

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